10 Mar

Nigel will be discussing his ancestor Edward Eastwood and his


connections with HP Sauce  on the Andy Potter BBC Radio Derby afternoon show 2-45p.m. Wednesday 12th March 2014

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23 Feb

bbc radio midlands

Nigel will be on the Adrian Goldberg mid-morning show on Tuesday March 4th 2013 at 11.a.m discussing HP Sauce My Ancestors’ Legacy.



The Midland Vinegar Company was established in 1874 at Aston Cross Birmingham by Nigel’s great-great grandfathers Edward Eastwood and Edwin Samson Moore……

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11 Feb

radio stokeThe father of HP Sauce, Edwin Samson Moore, was born in Newcastle-under-Lyme in 1849.

Nigel Britton will be discussing with Perry Miller on  Tuesday 18th February 2014 mid-morning show  BBC Radio Stoke, how his great-great grandfather Edwin Samson Moore established the Midland Vinegar Company at Aston Cross Birmingham in 1874. The brewery was reputedly  known as the largest vinegar brewery in the world at that time. Samson…..

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25 Jan



images downton abbeyimages mr selfridgeimages the paradise

If you have followed and enjoyed the daily lives of the families from Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge and The Paradise, SUTTON ROAD is to be based upon…..

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25 Jan

Nigel Britton, the cousin of the TV Presenter and celebrity Fern Britton, will be discussing his latest book  HP Sauce My Ancestors’ Legacy on Radio Nottingham’s Gareth Evans afternoon show on Friday 31st January 2014 at 2-20p.m.

radio nottingham

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19 Jan

Edward Eastwood was the financier of the Midland Vinegar Company established in 1875

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01 Jan

1294109[1]hp ration (1)

2014 will mark 100years since the start of the first world war.

HP Sauce played a vital role during the war years. The government had large contracts with the Midland Vinegar Company to supply the troops with…..

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31 Dec

Edwin Samson Moore

Edwin Samson Moore, the authors great-great grandfather.

In 1874 Edwin Samson Moore a young man of 25 years  established the Midland Vinegar Company at Aston Cross Birmingham.

His uncle Edward Eastwood, the cousin of the Victorian railway and canal engineer, Thomas Telford,  had by this time become a multi-millionaire thanks to his railway waggon…..

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27 Dec

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26 Dec

images797RYW2V (2)  Fern Britton the TV celebrity & presenter is the cousin of the author Nigel Britton.

Ferns Grandfather Edward Leslie Britton and  Nigel’s grandfather William Stanley Britton were brothers.

William Stanley Britton married Vera Eastwood. Vera Eastwood’s grandfathers were Edward Eastwood and Edwin Samson Moore who were  uncle and nephew. Edward Eastwood provided the finance for the Midland Vinegar…..

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